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Future Planet Capital & Zero Carbon Capital Join Cleantech for UK

Today, Future Planet Capital & Zero Carbon Capital announce that they are joining Cleantech for UK’s investor coalition.

Cleantech for UK is an initiative aimed at paving the way for a new generation of global cleantech champions in the UK. Since its launch in the beginning of 2023, the initiative has now amassed a total coalition of 13 British leaders in cleantech, counting amongst their members leading players in the UK cleantech ecosystem. 

“Cleantech offers a generational opportunity to revitalise our economy and launch thousands of well-paid jobs across the entire United Kingdom. Our new joiners will strengthen our knowledge base and connections to the investors and innovators who lead the way towards a net zero industrial revolution.”
– Sarah Mackintosh - Director, Cleantech for UK 

By investing in the scaleup of UK cleantech innovation, we have a unique opportunity to revitalise the British economy, create new jobs and pave the way for a new era of industry and shared prosperity which can benefit every citizen in every area of the country. To achieve this, urgent and decisive action is needed to maintain our competitiveness in the global cleantech race, in which all major economies compete for the lead.

“Government and policy support are essential for the rapidly growing cleantech ecosystem - to boost incentives and pave the way for breakthrough cleantech products and businesses. Zero Carbon Capital is impressed by the important advocacy work of Cleantech for UK and could not be more enthusiastic to join the coalition.”
– Sarah Jones, Principal - Zero Carbon Capital
“It took industrialisation at a global scale to move the climate needle -- it’s going to take planetary-scale decarbonization to get back on track. Our funds invest in startups and spinouts from primary technology centres across the UK and beyond, where innovation is rich, but scale is essential. We’re delighted to join the team at Cleantech for UK and fellow investors in this coalition to push frontier technologies into normalized solutions.” 
–  Ed Phillips, Head of Global Ventures - Future Planet Capital

About Cleantech for UK

Cleantech for UK is a coalition of company builders and investors spanning the innovation lifecycle from company formation to IPO and beyond. It paves the way for UK cleantech innovators to grow into global, clean industrial champions. Cleantech for UK calls on political leaders across ideological lines to revitalise and reindustrialise our country by supporting cleantech innovation.